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Hi, I am SUSAN


Besides being a photographer, I'm an animal lover, an organic gardener, a wife, a mother of three, and a proud grandmother of six. I'm totally obsessed with hot yoga. I thrive on my daily chai from Starbucks. I enjoy teaching my granddaughters the joy of gardening with our goats, chickens and our energetic mini aussie running around. I also enjoy an occasional getaway in our Airstream.

capturing the real you

I have learned over my 20 years as a photographer that the best photographs come from establishing a connection with my clients well beyond a casual introduction. This connection allows me to capture the essence of who you are and transform it into a striking visual image. One of the most essential qualities a photographer must possess is being present and listening to the client. 

My Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

Maintaining a life balance is very important to me. I keep green and growing by focusing on self improvement through continuing education in my art, yoga and meditation.

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“you can only become truly accomplished at something you love.”